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We are new animal care group aimed at helping homeless/abandoned cats and kittens in Qatar. CIQ was founded in September 2010 and is entirely run by volunteers who donate their time and resources to helping out our feline friends. We are a non-profit organization that operates through a foster-based network. We do NOT have a shelter! We also promote Trap Neuter Return (TNR) for street cats. But wait there is here to find out what we can’t do...


Many cats and kittens are in need of forever homes. Their photos and stories can be found in our Adoptions photo album.

Interested in adopting?  Visit our Adoptions page and complete our online enquiry form now and kindly wait for response. Only ONE form is necessary.

Not sure about adopting? What about fostering a cat/kitten in need? Visit our Fostering page and complete our online enquiry form now.

TNR Program

We are keen to promote Qatar’s Trap-Neuter-Return Program (TNR) for stray and feral cats. More information can be found in our Cat Care Pages

Contact Us

The best way to contact us is by completing our short form below.

For adoptions and fostering please visit the appropriate page.

Phone:  +974 3393 7645 (days only)

Phone:  +974 3393 7646 (evenings only)



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External Adoptions

Join us on Facebook to post your cat/kitten(s) photo for re-homing on our wall. Click here for instructions. Lost & found posts are also welcome but no ‘for sale posts’ or ‘general interest’ posts please.

Before posting your photo, please check the CIQ notes on how to post your photo and what to include. Read and follow the instructions carefully. Posts with complete details including contact numbers.

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