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Cats in Qatar (CIQ) is a a non-profit organization dedicated to helping foster, care for and re-home cats in Qatar. We are NOT government funded, we do NOT have a shelter, we raise money ourselves to support our efforts and depend greatly on the kindness of the community.

We are entirely run by volunteers (with 'other' full time jobs) who donate their time to helping out our feline friends. We operate through a foster based network to re-home rescued cats and kittens. We don’t have fluffy white Persian kittens 'as young as possible', we don't breed animals, we don't provide pet sitting services, pet relocation services and we don't provide veterinary services.

We do promote Trap Neuter Return (TNR) for street cats. We loan out traps and provide support/advice but NO we can't come trap feral cats in your area.

We don't have the resources to take every sick/injured/homeless kitten or cat in Doha no matter how sad or desperate the story. We rescue when we can, provide support where we can, we help out where we can but please understand we just can't do it all. We have around 70-80 cats in our care on average and just can't do more. We can offer you equipment, advice and necessary items to help you manage your own rescue.

If you have found an animal in need it means the Universe has elected you the human guardian of the animal. You have been chosen and you must do your best. Now is your chance to do something good for someone in need and who knows you may have an experience you wouldn't trade for anything. I have countless examples of this occurring. Donate or Volunteer and help us help them!!  



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